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Re: Missing system config tools?

On Fri, 2006-04-14 at 20:27 +0200, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> For those interested the procedure was to install / on an lvm, then try
> to move the lvm to a pvm (on another raid volume in my case, don't know
> if it's important)

Errr. Do you mean moving an LV to another PV? As in using pvmove? I had
rather serious system eating (but ultimately recoverable) problems with
pvmove when I moved my system to LVM using an FC5 rescue disk. It may
not just be system-config-lvm. For no reason I could figure out, about
half the time pvmove would crash and totally eat the PV metadata. This
happened several times. Trying to do anything would just result in
messages such as:

Incorrect metadata area header checksum
Inconsistent metadata copies found - updating to use version 8
Automatic metadata correction failed

A full verbose log:


(Note, piping the log to a file seemed to have messed up the order a bit
from how it appears on screen)

The trick to recovering:

1) Back up the VG metadata
2) Rewrite the PV metadata on *every* pv like so:


You will be told you have to use -ff. Do it.

3) You will now find your VG is completely gone. Don't panic, restore
the backup.

Your VG should be back now. My googling couldn't find anyone with quite
the same problem. The best I could find was "Back up the metadata then
restore", which wasn't quite enough here.

As usual I'm slacking about bugzilla-ing. I wanted to be more sure about
what was causing it to mess up, but that hasn't happened. Its entirely
random near as I can tell.

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