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Re: FC5 (lack of) quality

On Fri, 14 Apr 2006, Marius Andreiana wrote:

I've installed FC5 in the same week it was released (as usual), after
using FC5test on one of my systems. After almost a month I'd like to
share my impressions, not as a rant, but as sign of warning regarding
release quality.

There are a lot of regressions from FC4. First, the replicable ones:
* on a 256mb RAM system GNOME it's hardly usable due to swapping with
more than 2 applications opened (firefox and another small one, no ooo).
Only minimal services (network, xfs..) are started automatically.

Mm.. GNOME in FC5 was supposed to use *less* memory than in previous versions. Have you looked at where exactly does the memory go to - is it really GNOME or something else, like Firefox? (I have a feeling that FF 1.5 is somewhat slower than 1.0.x but that's merely a gut feeling, not measured)

I've been planning to update my old T21 with 256M memory to FC5 in hopes of making it work faster, not slower :-/

	- Panu -

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