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i810 bug in X11?

Dear users of i810s,

I810 driver is always very buggy. I regret very much that I bought a
laptop with it. I hope anyone considering buying laptop think
carefully of the graph card. It's of great importance for your work
and amusement. For i810, suspend to RAM/DISK has never been
reliable. You don't know when it's going to crash. I have moved to
fedora from ubuntu because of it hoping that the best engineers can
fix this bug.

Now I am confidant that this bug has existed for over a year in
upstream Xorg. Ubuntu has recognized its importance and work actively
to fix it. What I'm asking here is anybody know of the same issue or
maybe has a fix for fc?

A picture is better than a thousand words:

screenshot of corrupted ubuntu by other user:

screenshot of gnome-terminal by me:

(*NB*: this is gnome-terminal, it's not the whole desktop, you can see
it is `transparent' and has some residual pixels from firefox)

Bug report I filed

Bug report in Ubuntu:


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