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Re: Init scritps timeout

Why should httpd depend on networking? what is the network comes up
later... do you not want httpd to already be running?

I'd vote for a trap for init scripts, where (like the BSDs) you could
ctrl-c out of a script if it's taking too long

Dimi Paun wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-04-15 at 22:01 +0930, n0dalus wrote:
>> Ideally, services depending on network, even things like web servers,
>> should not fail when there is no connection and instead wait for one. 
> Indeed. Now we have this static order for services initialization which
> sucks. The new schemes will (hopefully) introduce dynamic dependencies.
> But I feel that this is still too inflexible -- we need a well defined
> API to be able to programmatically wait for a service to start/stop/etc 
> For example, say we have service A (networking), and service B (httpd)
> that depends on service A. Lets also assume that B needs A only towards
> the end of its startup. With a 'services' API, the startup sequence for
> B could be written as:
>      //do time consuming part that does not depend on A
>      service_wait(A)
>      //do part that depends on A
> Then we can start A & B in parallel and things will (A) sort themselves
> automagically, and (B) achieve the fastest possible startup time,
> especially on the new multicore boxes coming our way.

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