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Re: Fedora Bounties (seeking ideas)

Dnia 17-04-2006, pon o godzinie 15:44 -0400, seth vidal napisał(a):
> rpm grabs ctrl-c when you open a transaction set
I was talking about ^C when downloading packages, not in RPM
transaction. It thinks the download was broken and tries with another
mirror, even if I keep ^C pressed with repeat set to 30/s! :)

I checked ^\, too (doesn't work).

> > - showing download speed
> *yawn* we went through this on the yum list - we have finite space - how
> is download speed useful to you?
Since you asked - I want to see if it works (try to upgrade OOo on 32
Kbps link and tell me if it's doing something or not), I want to see if
it's using fast mirror or not (so I can break the download and try
again), I want to see if it's using whole my bw, and most important to
me - knowing the speed I'm able to come up with real ETA if I start or
stop downloading something else at the same time.

> > - not downloading older repo data than newer, but grabbed from another
> > mirror earlier
> again - how do we determine this w/o downloading the information?
repomd.xml is small and contains timestamps, but I get an impression it
overrides previously downloaded info and makes yum download older
primary.xml.gz. I see info like "400 new, 30 old" and "30 new, 400 old"
few times a day, maybe it's just a coincidence and my wrong impression,
not "downgrading". If that's the case, I'm really sorry for being a

> > - incremental (differences (added/removed packages) only) repo data
> > download
> I'd love to hear how we're going to break it up so you can tell.
Make repository data a dir of files with serial numbers (00001.xml.gz,
00002.xml.gz or similar) containing changes. After adding/removing
packages, new file is created with incremented serial numer, including
info on changes. Repository metadata contains the current serial number.
Updating package list means checking current serial number and
downloading changes since last known change. Also, there's old-style
everything-in-one-file file used by older yum versions and by newer if
serial delta is more than the one provided by yum.conf.

It would work with any FTP and HTTP server with no effort on their side
(unlike CVS server). Keepalive HTTP connections and every FTP connection
can download multiple files in a row, so it's no problem either.

Again, I'm not trying to be smarter than anyone here, just writing it
because you asked. I know it's not five minutes of work.

> If you have some suggestions on actual resolutions I'd encourage you to
> contact the appropriate list.
This is the "seeking ideas" thread. I'm not writing this just to write,
but I don't have knowledge to fix it myself and I see people wanting
this changes every other day, really (from your yawning I guess you see
it too).

Another thing I'd like to see changed - I'm seeing: "primary.xml.gz
xx%" - it would be nice showing let's say:
"updates/primary           xx%" - there is space for that.


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