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Re: Init scritps timeout

--- Dimi Paun <dimi lattica com> wrote:

> On Sun, 2006-04-16 at 23:22 -0400, Harry Hoffman wrote:
> > Why should httpd depend on networking? what is the network comes up
> > later... do you not want httpd to already be running?
> You're reading to much in the exact example there :) Just use A and B.
> But I admit, I was a bit off-topic regarding the timeout problem.
> I was commenting on the need to have greater control of these inter
> service dependencies.
> As for the timeout, that would have to be handled by the services
> manager that starts the services up. Ctrl-C is fine if you're in front
> of the console, but the reboot may be unattended, we need to have a
> system that is able to handle things by itself as well.

This is exactly what i was meaning. If an init script is taking too long (10
minutes?) it must be killed.
Think if you have a remote server and the boot is stopped cos the ldap init
script is blocked. You would need to get on the site to fix it or find someone
expert enough to do it for you.


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