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Re: Init scritps timeout

--- Bojan Smojver <bojan rexursive com> wrote:
> Bumped into this one myself. Really annoying. You probably have BDB as you
> LDAP back end, just like me. And BDB is scary when it comes to uncommitted
> transactions or any other type of problem you may have present in your
> database.
> Although probably not entirely correct, in order to avoid this hang, I have
> this in /etc/sysconfig/ldap:
> su - -s /bin/bash ldap -c /usr/sbin/slapd_db_recover
> If the database is OK, nothing happens. If it is screwed, the recover process
> gets it to the state where slapd actually starts. Usually, it even works
> properly :-)

It looks like a great solution to me. We might just need to get a notification
(email to root?) if the database was corrupted.
I hope it can be added in the future ldap releases.
Anyway I still think that init scripts should have a timeout managed by the
SysV system.


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