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Re: Caring about users

On Wed, 2006-04-12 at 19:36 +0200, Olivier Galibert wrote:
> > If someone wants to sit there and bitch about things and expect someone else
> > to go fix them all the time, they can kindly move the fuck on.  Now, if they
> > want to actually contribute, that is the attitude we want.  And that is a great
> > attitude for the future of Fedora.
> I'd be happy to patch anaconda to have "everything" again.  I'm
> probably going to in practice.  I will submit the patch if you want,
> but I know it will be rejected, so what's the point?

So the question is: could you, instead of patching it for this, help
devise a better way that we could use in the future?  We need to handle
multiple repositories, repositories with overlapping package names,
etc., and "just install it all" doesn't make *any* sense.

It's time for a new way to do it.  Instead of rehashing the same thread
over and over, we need to be looking for a way to better address the


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