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yum bails on update dependency problems...

Hi guys...

I think we've had this discussion during FC5 development but in the light of recent update problems, I thought I'd bring it up again...

Shouldn't we make yum able to install all the good updates, if only one package out of 60 is causing problems? I.e. skip the individual packages that are causing problems and install everything else.

My reason for suggesting this is that we may miss important security updates because of something like this. And say we have 10 serious security updates, and one is failing, i'd much rather see the 9 others get installed with my nightly update.

I seem to recall that some were concerned that if would be harder to spot errors like these, if we let all the good stuf get through. Well, then lets figure out a good way to get the errors visible too.

Whether this should be resolved within yum or through a plugin doesn't bother me, but last i looked at it, the yum plugin infrastructure wouldn't allow me to exclude packages an rerun dependency tests. Has this changed?



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