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Re: Kickstart and roles

On Wed, 19 Apr 2006, Michael DeHaan wrote:

Seeing I'm the one writing this puppy, I'll chime in briefly.
Advanced configuration of services though things like puppet is something I'm excited about, as it's a step beyond kickstarts. Ultimately I'd like to see kickstart creation and system setup demystified as much as possible. Handrolling of custom boot/provision solutions is always going to occur, but it needs to be easier. Minimal kickstarts followed up by "make it so, number 1" orders ultimately make it less work for SA's for automated deployments/rollouts. Some integration with or evolution of yam is also likely a good add. In general, I like the minimal install ideas Mike points out as well.

The main problem I see with configuration engines like cfengine (I assume puppet has this same issue?) is admins must either make all changes from the central server or be forced to remember to go back and write policies on the central server after the fact.

Sadly doing the Right Thing (tm) isn't always an option due to real life circumstances (cough cough management) and performing a "quick fix" to the managed device without taking the time to write centralized policies is the result. Writing these policies after the fact is of course desirable but in many cases this would require another change control and testing cycle. In short these type of tools really need the ability to detect what has changed and let the admin easily integrate/pull these changes and sign off on them as part of the devices new recipe/state.


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