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Re: Kickstart and roles

Seeing I'm the one writing this puppy, I'll chime in briefly. David is, of course, right on -- including the part about inflictions! The basics are that in the end PXE provisioning is ultimately very similar to Xen provisioning, and we're creating a tool to allow both to be simultaneously or independently managed from a central boot server. At first, this will likely be a command line tool (with an optionally hand-editable config file), though we may see GTK interfaces later. Ultimately, this should allow a new bare-metal machine to be easily PXE provisioned to be a Xen host, and then from the kickstart for that machine, any number of domU images can be automatically installed (and provisioned with their own kickstarts, in turn, if neccessary) in one pass. So things like "make this machine a Xen workstation with these 2 specific Xen guests" will be possible -- with a minimal amount of kickstart hacking. Advanced configuration of services though things like puppet is something I'm excited about, as it's a step beyond kickstarts. Ultimately I'd like to see kickstart creation and system setup demystified as much as possible. Handrolling of custom boot/provision solutions is always going to occur, but it needs to be easier. Minimal kickstarts followed up by "make it so, number 1" orders ultimately make it less work for SA's for automated deployments/rollouts. Some integration with or evolution of yam is also likely a good add. In general, I like the minimal install ideas Mike points out as well.

Comments definitely welcome.

--Michael DeHaan

Is there a status page or any place I can follow the development?


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