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Re: fix for gnome-pilot crasher (fc5 updates 2.0.13-7.fc5.5)

Matt Davey wrote:

The recently released gnome-pilot package (2.0.13-7.fc5.5) crashes on
every sync attempt, for me at least.

I've updated the following bug:

and have attached a patch (actually, a meta-patch) that fixes the bug.

The problem was the inclusion of a patch that removes a memory leak in
gnome-pilot, but inadvertently triggers a free(NULL) in the pilot-link
library.  It doesn't cause that behaviour when linked against pilot-link
0.12.0pre*, but with the welcome downgrade to 0.11.8, causes a crash
every time for me.



Matt Davey		Socrates said man is never free, but Socrates
mcdavey mrao cam ac uk 	   never windsurfed.

i'm preparing new gnome-pilot for fc4/fc5 updates and fc6-devel to fix #189294.
Many thanks for the patch.


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