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Re: yum bails on update dependency problems...

Tom Brinkman wrote:
"Yum halts if there is any dependency problem within the repository to be safe and doesnt perform partial updates. Use this script if you want that. Kindly ensure that you report any dependency issues to the appropriate repository bug tracker or post to the relevant project list if it requires more discussions."

for i in `yum list updates |cut -f 1 -d " " |grep -A 500 -e Updated |\
grep -v -e Updated` ; do
       echo "Updating $i"
       yum -y update $i

This is acceptable for rawhide machines, where its generally more accepteble to have slightly hack-ish things implemented... This is hack-ish and is not the way to do this kind of thing properly. (1) you loose updating of packages with long names(unless by coincidence that package is pulled in as dependency for package with shorter name) (2) yum will be run multiple times, whereof a large number is likely to do absolutely nothing, so wasting resources for no good reason.

If we want this kind of thing, we need to implement it properly.


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