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Re: Kickstart and roles

2006-04-19 Shane Stixrud <shane geeklords org> wrote


> In short these type of tools really need the ability to detect what 
> has changed and let the admin easily integrate/pull these changes and 
> sign off on them as part of the devices new recipe/state.

I have always wanted at linux-version of "write" in cisco.
So many times have network-devices been changed, IP-addresses added and
removed, routing tables altered, sysctl-settings been updated, services
started or stopped.. you name it.  The box is running perfectly, all
customers are happy - and along comes a power surge.
(Or a random HW-error or kernel panic or whatever), and then most of the
next day will be used to recreate all the little bits and pieces that
were changed on the fly and not written to the proper config-files.

iptables at least has a simple "save" function. Something along those
lines, that would generate the proper ipsec-config, ifcfg-files and
update chkconfig with the currently running services would go a long way
in many cases.

Ofcourse, being able to "backup" the config, sign it off, and recreate
it on a different machine later by remotely updating a central
"config-server" would be perfect, but a great first step would be 
"service network save", "service ipsec save" ...


Ola Thoresen

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