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Re: AIGLX packages for FC5 (and rawhide)

Matthias Saou wrote:
Adam Jackson wrote :

I tried this just for fun on my ATI r300 and was surprised that it almost worked. I get what looks like an alpha channel (blue screen with shadows on it). True to the notes I can turn compositing off and everything is back to normal.
I see this too on an X800, but I think it was only on amd64 kit. I'm looking into it. The weird thing is pretty much everything else about accelerated indirect works (q3 over the network, etc), just not the texture_from_pixmap extension, so it should be pretty straightforward to track down.

I'd love to test this too, but it would be with an RV350 (Mobility Radeon
9600 M10)... what are my chances to have accelerated 3D working if I switch to rawhide? Just curious to know if it's even worth thinking about trying or not.

Rawhide should have DRI enabled for all R300 and R400 series cards, with the caveat that PCIE cards are busted until hopefully the end of the day (need to backport some stuff from Mesa head).

Of course, that's just whether it's enabled, not whether it works. But the M10 stands a pretty good chance.

- ajax

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