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Re: Fedora Bounties (seeking ideas)

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Hans de Goede (j w r degoede hhs nl) said:
What I would like to see is a tool which automaticly generates /etc/sensors.conf based on motherboard information from dmidecode.

The idea is to identify a motherboard with dmidecode output and then look it up in a database to find the correct config.

Ugh. Why not fix the sensors infrastructure so the kernel exports
IDs in a sane framework so they can be autoloaded like any other

Because sensors are not plug and play, unfortunatly they are not plug and play at all. They are either on an i2c bus which doesn't do plug and play or on the isa bus without isapnp support, so there is no way to automagicly find which sensor chips there are, even if you manage to find out which sensor chips there are, there is no way to find out whioch voltage / temp / fan is connected to which input, and if they are divided (using resistors) before being connected.

Luckily they are however usually soldered onto the motherboard, so which chips there are and how they are hooked up is fixed for a given motherboard. Hence the idea to use a database with this info per (known) motherboard and a tool which uses this database to generate the correct configuration.

In essence this is like the foomagic / ppd database for printers, but then very different :) What I'm trying to say is here is we've done this (the database solution) for printers so why not for sensors? I think it would be a cool feature if we could autoconfig sensors on the most used motherboards (if only because MS doesn't :).



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