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Re: Fedora Bounties (seeking ideas)

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Hans de Goede (j w r degoede hhs nl) said:
Because sensors are not plug and play, unfortunatly they are not plug and play at all. They are either on an i2c bus which doesn't do plug and play or on the isa bus without isapnp support, so there is no way to automagicly find which sensor chips there are, even if you manage to find out which sensor chips there are, there is no way to find out whioch voltage / temp / fan is connected to which input, and if they are divided (using resistors) before being connected.

Luckily they are however usually soldered onto the motherboard, so which chips there are and how they are hooked up is fixed for a given motherboard. Hence the idea to use a database with this info per (known) motherboard and a tool which uses this database to generate the correct configuration.

I'm somewhat talking out of my ass here, but:
Then, have platform devices that export DMI info, and add the proper
DMI aliases mbASUSPXV (or whatever) so the modules can be autoloaded.

I don't know enough about the current udev module autoloading stuff to really comment on this, but yes a platform driver could be written which would generate some kinda fake plug and play message sending a unique mb identification to udev, and then udev could look this up in a database and load the proper drivers. We would then however still need a (udev helper?) script that generates a correct /etc/sensors.conf, which contains the input pins -> measured items and their scales.

But the biggest problem is building the still needed database, the exact implementation of the tool is IMHO a lesser problem, I'm sure we can work this out. If your above idea is doable it might actually be a nice clean way for the autoconfig tool part.



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