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Re: Google Summer of Code 2006: iptables GUI

I had been jotting down few of my thoughts about similar ideas. Some
of the highlights were like:

   1. Firewall control per interface
   2. Override main system firewall
   3. Connection sharing {to one or more interfaces}
   4. Control for systcl parameters specific to interface
   5. QoS and ToS
   6. Bluetooth interface support
   7. Dial-in support :-)
   8. Extended dial-out controls to compare with kppp to some extent

Also a new protocol support and mime extension for network
connections. I have also filled a bug (enhancement) request. But my
ideas are prone to flaws, and I'll welcome any of the feedback.



On 4/20/06, Arthur Pemberton <pemboa gmail com> wrote:
> On 4/20/06, Kenneth Porter <shiva sewingwitch com> wrote:
> > I'd love to see a GUI version of the iptables command line tool. This
> > should display the current chains in some kind of tree layout and allow one
> > to insert/edit/delete the live rules and save them to
> > /etc/sysconfig/iptables. It should accept module-specific plugins just like
> > the command line tool.
> As has been already said, there are dozens of firewal GUI's around,
> mayber extending, and making one standard in FC would be better.
> I hear firestarter is good.
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