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Re: Fedora Bounties (seeking ideas)

On Thu, 2006-04-20 at 16:41 +0100, Andre Nogueira wrote:
> 2) When Anaconda is installing a package, it is not downloading the
> next package. Why not continue downloading packages while installing
> downloaded packages?

Before starting an RPM transaction you want to be sure that everything
is available. Think about a transaction that consists of packages a, b,
c (each with version-release) which are to be installed in that order.
You propose s.th. along that:

1) a gets downloaded
2) a gets installed while b gets downloaded
3) b gets installed while c gets downloaded
4) c gets installed

Unfortunately, somewhere during step 2, the mirror gets updated with a
new version of c which actually would be required to be installed
_before_ b. Now you've got a broken transaction --> this is why yum etc.
download first, then install afterwards.

> 3) When Anaconda starts, ask the user if (s)he has a kickstart
> configuration file on a pen drive or remote FTP/HTTP location (s)he'd
> like to use. This would make kickstart files much more user friendly.

Writing/modifying kickstart files actually is tougher than writing
"ks=..." on the installer kernel command line.

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