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Re: AIGLX packages for FC5 (and rawhide)

On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 04:00:48PM -0400, Kristian Høgsberg wrote:
> 	$ USE_WOBBLY=1 metacity --replace &
>   - metacity also has an experimental screen magnifier built in.  Like 
> the wobbly windows this is enabled by setting an environment variable - 
> 	$ USE_MAGNIFIER=1 metacity --replace &

As a lot of people are having trouble with these awesome effects - are there
other effects to play with? Like, how does one enable drop shadows or
transparency -- or is it just these two for now? Also, where are these
variables set permanently?


>   - real translucency in gnome-terminal.  Enable this by clicking the 
> "Transparent background" radio box in the "Effects" tab of the termnal 
> profile editor dialog.  gnome-terminal may have to be restarted for this 
> to take effect - pkill gnome-terminal should do the trick.
> There are a number of known bugs with these packages, so go easy on 
> bugzilla :).  Specifically,
>   - The damage events doesn't always kick in, so sometimes window 
> contents doesn't update properly.  A workaround for this is to switch 
> desktop back and forth.
>   - The drop shadows look weird on shaped/argb windows, for example 
> xeyes, the notify bubbles and well, even the rounded metacity corners. 
> The shadow code is due for an overhaul later, so we're not going to 
> patch over this issue in the short term.
>   - Perfomance for in-window updates isn't always great.  We're 
> currently doing too much work when updating textures from pixmaps.  It's 
> still possible to optimize this further with the current setup, and 
> longer term the memory architecture in the X server and DRI stack will 
> see some changes that will allow us to optimize this further.
> Have fun,
> Kristian
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