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Re: Fedora core suggestions

Alo Tsum wrote:

how generating revenue to put back into the project and make it more self sufficient. So I have a few suggestions which I think the Redhat company itself should take note of. Firstly Redhat while promoting Linux among enthusiast is also in the business of making money. On that front I believe that they should not only attempt to evangelize Linux in the

Hum let me send out an alternate view: Free Software is outside the Sell and Evangelize paradigm. It exists, it can be offered, but its meaning in the world is that it honestly is there for people to use if they have a use for it. This is something different than commercial OSes that are there despite you asked to NOT have it, that are shoved down your throat, sold to you, lock you in and so on.

The Fedora project is the perfect tool for this and here is how. The fedora team should focus SOLELY on making the operating system run as smoothly and as fast as possible, interacting with a HUGE number of hardware configurations. Installation needs to be as smooth as silk and

Wll no argument there since that is useful for everyone.

upgrading needs to be fail proof from version to version. Previously installed drives with personal user data needs to be able to be retained without fail from upgrade to upgrade if the user isn't doing a clean

Fedora is very decent at this already.

install. Now I would like to move on to "partnerships" Fedora project should look into making "partners" or some other creative term to define other Linux projects and organizations. In this partnership Fedora will tightly enforce standards which will ensure that any software created to run on fedora is following say the OIN and the GPL standards to the

RHAT can confidently claim to have written the book on following "GPL standards".

by following strict guidelines they would become Fedora project "partners" and in turn they would be promised that their software will be included in the fedora core release. Also by following strict
approach is keeping in mind that projects such as Fedora and other Linux distributions desire to penetrate more into the home desktop market,

Hum again with the 'market', Free software doesn't compete in that sense, it is offered in the hope that it is useful, you can imagine it as demand-led.

which then also means more users will or could eventually equate to greater adoption of the platform in other industries as a result of user

No insult intended, but you or I don't get paid on the basis of adoption. I'm sure we're both pleased if there is increased adoption and maybe you or I will spend some time if we think it will increase takeup. But nonetheless offering a Free OS like Fedora is a different game than selling Commercial OSes.

Now say a "ambassador" from Fedora can start making the rounds to Dell

Hum this is the thing, Fedora just is and Dell can take it up if they like. "Selling" a Free OS seems like a bit of an impedance mismatch. Why should people already pouring effort into the OS with no direct hope of return act to improve Dell's worldview as a charitable act if Michael is too locked into Bill's gravy train to do it himself?

at a premium. Fedora core could charge a VERY minimal fee for this training, so say charge enough that it would generate revenue that can
The future of Linux if to be taken seriously should not be relegated to

If a Free OS is taken seriously is up to the potential users. I take it real serious already.

There needs to be a con[ce]rted effort on the parts of all parties involved to take Linux to that next phase of existence other wise Linux as a brand, while it may grow some what will not see its full potential. With the software being a open and free model we still have to realize



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