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re: fedora core suggestions

I see some individuals got what I was saying concerning my original "Fedora core suggestions" post while others don't; so let me clear up some misconceptions. My point in bringing up marketing in relation to the Fedora project and proselytizing the OS, comes from a business background, I have my degree in International economics. I know for a lot of my suggestions to happen there has to be "buy in". Simply put all parties involved have to want to be a part of the model I suggested; which they will once they see whats in it for them. I brought up certain aspects ie the "bottom up" approach to show how this benefits Redhat in the long run. If they see a over all benefit besides just releasing the Fedora Cores as testing grounds for for the enterprise OS then they would be willing to venture outside of their present paradigm.

As for the Dell situation I brought up, as I said before it would not be Dell reselling FREE software, but instead bundling the free software with their hardware offerings which would allow them to offer their hardware at lower cost but again that goes back to the concept of "buy in".

As for the suggestion about allowing non technical persons to test the software and do installs that is a great idea. The reason for it would be so those involved in the project can truly see how easy and user friendly their software is or isn't. All companies small, big, not for profit or for profit have to do testing on a larger enough sample pool for the testing to truly be meaningful so this again is a great idea.

I hope I didn't offend anyone, as I saw some of the responses seemed to be on the defensive side.

Last but not least someone brought up the marketing idea I presented, and to them I say what exactly do you think the "Ambassador" roles that Fedora Project has on their site is supposed to do? That my friend is classic grass roots marketing.

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