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Re: Fedora core suggestions

On Fri, 2006-04-21 at 20:29 +0100, Andy Green wrote:
> > 1.  Pre-release non-technical user testing.
> The test releases merely need to be given to non-technical users -- by, 
> eg, you -- for this to happen.

Or:  s/given to/downloaded and run by/

One alternative for non-technical users which Jef Spaleta mentioned a
little while ago in IRC was testing of high-level functionality and
interfaces using VMWare Player and an image provided by Fedora.  This
would potentially lower barriers not only to non-technical users but to
willing folks who only have a single system available, or have a low
risk threshold for some other reason.

VMWare has opened its VMDK (virtual disk) format for use by anyone[1] so
there's nothing preventing an intrepid Fedora hacker from designing a
converter program.  The community could then make some decisions about
one or more "test platform" images that could be converted to VMDK and
distributed via the existing BitTorrent tracker.  People using either
Windows or Linux could then download the free VMWare Player to run the
Fedora VMDK image.

= = = = =
[1] I don't recall the exact license terms, but they are extremely
liberal and would allow, for instance, a GPL-licensed converter program

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