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Re: Fedora core suggestions

David-Paul Niner wrote:

"If you want to foster discussion, please issue considered
argumentation, not unreasoned bulletpoints."

Life Lesson #0: This is just the sort of response that causes people to
assume defensive postures.

I don't mind if you feel the need to form a defensive posture on being told you posted a load of handwaving junk. Have at it.

Your assumption that your personal experiences in regards to rpm-based
upgrades are reflective of the collective experiences of all users is
incorrect.  Overall, the process may be "excellent," but there is
clearly room for some improvement, or someone wouldn't have bothered
posting about it to a mailing list, would they?

I have bad news: many posts on the Internet are made if there is a valid point to them or not. If, as the original poster, you feel that upgrade installs are broken, please talk about that. My experience is I have done yum dist-upgrades, CD upgrades and CD reinstalls and the only way I blew user data away was if I reformatted the filesystem. If you have anything to add that doesn't fit with that experience, please talk about it.

In regards to the involvement of non-technical individuals earlier in
the testing process, I believe I was quite clear in my original message
that I did not know exactly how the project should go about implementing
that. Please, calm down and read my message again.

It seems I correctly apprehended the missing middle in your message the first time, thanks.

Also, you're awarding yourself an unrealistic amount of self-importance
in a group discussion.


Good job you were standing by with a "life lesson".

Have a nice evening.


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