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Re: Fedora core suggestions

On 4/21/06, David-Paul Niner <dpniner dpniner name> wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-04-21 at 19:27 -0400, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> > On 4/21/06, David-Paul Niner <dpniner dpniner name> wrote:
> > > Maybe 100 people will believe that to be a ridiculous idea, but if a
> > > handful of people start talking about it, who knows where it would lead?
> >
> > I know where it will lead... to a 120 post long thread with 12
> > participants. 6 of which think their ideas are great but don't have
> > the resources to implement any of them. The other 6 thinks the ideas
> > are bad and have decided that convincing the other 6 through sheer
> > superhuman retorical prowess is a constructive way to earn brownie
> > points with the 5 people in the thread that agree with them.  No wait
> > 13 particpants. The 13th participant who hates everyone on general
> > principle and only gets involved in the discussion because the themes
> > being badly expressed by the other 12 people are too important to not
> > have something worthwhile come out of the discussion.
> >
> > -jef"Generally good ideas are generally very bad discussions. Boring,
> > mind-numbing detailed specific implementation issues are far more
> > constructive discussions"spaleta
> I've learned my own life lesson! ;-)

I agree.  I like specific implementation issues too.  I would like to
see some improvements to the already much improved update/add software
system.  I would start with 1) highlighting where new software has
been installed in the Gnome menu (or KDE) on my Fedora box 2) being
able to determine which repository a software package to be added is
located 3) be able to add/remove repositories from Pirut and 4) a pipe
dream (whatever that is), of having small deltarpms/smartrpms or
something new to minimize bandwidth.

I have a feeling these issues are already being tackled in some form
except for the project of having a modern update system that creates
the smallest possible update tailored specifically to every user's
machine.  That would be an amazing technical achievement.


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