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Re: Fedora core suggestions

David-Paul Niner wrote:

This "life lesson" was meant to be just that -- something for you take
away and digest.  I do sincerely apologize if I embarrassed you; it was
a bad call for me to write what I did.

I now realize, however, it seems quite likely that you could benefit
from some talking with someone about things, as you seem quite angry:

Hm, I could have benefited from discussing what the meaning of 'marketing' actually is for Free software, especially now I read there is a fedora-marketing list. How does this fit in with the current project goals, is it a mild, budgetless advocacy concept or a gung-ho tattooed-on-the-forehead self flagellating squad of jihadis that raid corporate offices for re-education of the inhabitants, how that crosses over with RHEL / Redhat Desktop traditional marketing, what the metric is for 'success' on Fedora marketing, how it can even be measured given the inherent redistribution, etc.

>>>>> 1.  Pre-release non-technical user testing.
>>>>> 2.  Marketing.
>>>>> 3.  Ego-containment.
>>>>> 4.  Be more open-minded.

>>>> If you want to foster discussion, please issue considered
>>>> argumentation, not unreasoned bulletpoints

>>> Life Lesson #0: This is just the sort of response that causes people
>>> to assume defensive postures.
>>> Also, you're awarding yourself an unrealistic amount of
>>> self-importance in a group discussion.

I don't mind if you feel the need to form a defensive posture on being
told you posted a load of handwaving junk.

My original intention was not to put down you or the project, it was
merely to generate some discussion.
Seriously, best of luck; I have nothing against you and wish you well.

Yeah same to you.


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