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Re: [NEW IDEA] Automatic removal of dependencies

On Sat, 22 Apr 2006, Mark Rosenstand wrote:
It really isn't needed to do it automatically. Debian have a package
called debfoster (at least they had in 2002), which checks the
interdependencies of all your packages and for then asks whether you
want to remove each package that aren't needed by any others, e.g.:

	Package A keeps these packages installed: G, K, O, R
	Do you wish to keep package A? [Y/n]

This has the obvious advantage that you don't have to add yet a piece of
info to the ever-bloated rpm database.

Gentoo also do it. IIRC it has a command which lists all packages that
were not installed explicitly and which no other package depends upon
(which is a nice, logical list), but then they have to ruin an otherwise
nice feature by automatically removing all said packages after 10
seconds if not interrupted.

Checking the dependencies is the easy part. What gets less trivial is things like this:

[pmatilai cs181072240 ~]$ rpm -e --test grub
[pmatilai cs181072240 ~]$

Oops, nothing needs grub, so it can be removed safely, right?

	- Panu -

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