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Re: Fedora core suggestions

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
Can nx/freenx even be a part of Fedora legally?

Why not? From nomachine.com/developers.php: "NoMachine develops the NX technology as Open Source, under the GNU Public License, including modifications to X-Window libraries, agents and proxies implementing compression and deployment of X, RDP and VNC desktops, and tunneling of CIFS/SMB and multimedia channels." FreeNX is under GPL as well.

I *love* NX/FreeNX. It makes it trivial to use my FC desktop over stupid-slow coffeeshop wireless. At the same time, there are a few things that would make the NX/FC integration nicer.

- Selinux needs to let NX do its thing (under FC5).
- GNOME and NX need to play nice together, a la vino.
- NX is unhappy on 86_64, which keeps it from Extras.

I dig Jef's idea for an NX server for remote QA testing. Smart. Have the community pitch in writing test cases, have others pitch in doing the testing, and the entire thing gets logged and recorded and analyzed in-house.

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