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FC5 rocks!

I've been quiet on this list lately but I thought I'd share my impressions of FC5.

It's really great. It's clear that many of the concerns that people have had on this list have been listened to. There are a lot of details I could complaint about, but FC5 has raised the bar again for what people can expect from a desktop OS.

I like the "Add/Remove Software" feature and pup... Both of these really work in FC5, and make managing software so easy, that it embarasses Windows XP and Mac OS X.

I'm not sure where Core ends and Extras start, but there are some games that are actually fun under the "Games" menu now. (ex. Fish Fillets, Neverball)

My one substantiative problem is the sorry state of SELinux documentation. There is a lot of stuff here:


but it's the kind of stuff you find in a conference proceedings, not the kind of stuff that you need to get work done. It's pretty clear to me that I need to understand SELinux to do my day-to-day sysadmin duties and even for some of my development, and it's not clear how to get that understanding. That said, I'm pretty
excited about learning SELinux.

I'm still having horrible trouble ripping CD's. I haven't had a single Linux 2.6 system that rips CDs reliably, so I end up ripping CDs on Windows and Mac. On my Athlon 64 machine at home with a Plextor drive, I find that the OS loses contact with the drive as soon as the first error happens... And errors happen all the time when I rip CD's. The only way I can get the drive back is to reboot. I'd think it was a fluke, but my IBM laptop has trouble ripping CD's (hacked system that I've compiled mainstream kernels for) and so does my indestructable P3 box that runs RHEL 4.


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