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Re: FC5 rocks!

On Mon, 2006-04-24 at 10:32 -0400, Paul A Houle wrote:
> 	I've been quiet on this list lately but I thought I'd share my impressions 
> of FC5.
> 	It's really great.  It's clear that many of the concerns that people have 
> had on this list have been listened to.  There are a lot of details I could 
> complaint about,  but FC5 has raised the bar again for what people can 
> expect from a desktop OS.
> 	I like the "Add/Remove Software" feature and pup...  Both of these really 
> work in FC5,  and make managing software so easy,  that it embarasses 
> Windows XP and Mac OS X.
> 	I'm not sure where Core ends and Extras start,  but there are some games 
> that are actually fun under the "Games" menu now.  (ex.  Fish 
> Fillets,  Neverball)
> 	My one substantiative problem is the sorry state of SELinux 
> documentation.  There is a lot of stuff here:
> http://www.nsa.gov/selinux/info/docs.cfm
> 	but it's the kind of stuff you find in a conference proceedings,  not the 
> kind of stuff that you need to get work done. 

Thats the wrong place to look

>  It's pretty clear to me that 
> I need to understand SELinux to do my day-to-day sysadmin duties and even 
> for some of my development,  and it's not clear how to get that 
> understanding.  That said,  I'm pretty
> excited about learning SELinux.

Here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SELinux.  Tells us what sort of
questions is unanswered and we will fix them.

> 	I'm still having horrible trouble ripping CD's.  I haven't had a single 
> Linux 2.6 system that rips CDs reliably,  so I end up ripping CDs on 
> Windows and Mac.  On my Athlon 64 machine at home with a Plextor drive,  I 
> find that the OS loses contact with the drive as soon as the first error 
> happens...  And errors happen all the time when I rip CD's.  The only way I 
> can get the drive back is to reboot.  I'd think it was a fluke,  but my IBM 
> laptop has trouble ripping CD's (hacked system that I've compiled 
> mainstream kernels for) and so does my indestructable P3 box that runs RHEL 4

Does it work better as root user? 



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