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Re: FC5 rocks!

Tom Tromey wrote:
"Andy" == Andy Green <andy warmcat com> writes:

Andy> I wrote some similar complaints a year or two ago, there was some
Andy> discussion about it being nice if Bugzillas talked to each other or
Andy> some other kind of meta bug reporting.  Maybe there is a way to bring
Andy> in external upstream people on to the RHAT Bugzilla and sort of
Andy> outsource the bugs for the upstream project while it remains hosted at
Andy> RHAT's central Bugzilla since it was reported on a Fedora ticket.

Yeah, this would be convenient in a number of situations.

Maybe file it in bugzilla?  :-)
(If you do please tell me the bug number.)

Hi Tom -


I have a presentiment I will be told to file it upstream :-)


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