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Re: Fedora core suggestions

[ snip ]

> Well, depending on what you're trying to do, either QtParted/GParted (both
> available in Extras) or system-config-lvm may do the job. What seems to be
> missing though is an easy way to add partitions to the fstab. (This has been
> brought up recently, and indeed there doesn't seem to be one. And no, I'm not
> talking about automounting removable drives, but mounting fixed drives to a
> fixed place in the file system, which can be at any point in the FHS, not just
> under /media, so editing /etc/fstab really is needed for that use case.)
>         Kevin Kofler

Yes, in all fairness, FC should at least auto dete and mount vfat
partions, for that matter, it should offer to mount any fixed partion
whose FS it can detect.

And with no offense to the creater of Pirut, I find console+yum
several times easier to use than Pirut - interface wise.


As a boy I jumped through Windows, as a man I play with Penguins.

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