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Re: Fedora core suggestions

On 4/24/06, Arthur Pemberton <pemboa gmail com> wrote:
> Yes, in all fairness, FC should at least auto dete and mount vfat
> partions, for that matter, it should offer to mount any fixed partion
> whose FS it can detect.

The policy to ignore fixed partitions by default was the result of
security arguments associated with multiuser server systems.

If you incorrectly define the fedora core mandate as being primarily a
single-user desktop system, then its very easy to say that vfat fixed
disks should be treated like the plugged media devices. But once you
start thinking beyond that very narrow usage case, into other
situations which are more common in data center, or moderatelly sized
multi-user environments, the scenario becomes problematic and its not
so simple an issue as you would originally think.

But don't confuse the lack of an optimal solution right now as
evidence that people don't care about this and that they are not
working to fix it. The PolicyKit work that is going on upstream with
regard to hal is evidence of real effort to make progress on a thorny
issue which has to strike a balance between single-user scenarios and
server scenarios for Fedora Core's "general use" mandate.

-jef"you got your desktop software on my server
      you got your server software on my desktop
      to horribly incompatible usage scenarios which taste great together!

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