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Re: any reason why system-config-kickstart requires root?

--- Panu Matilainen <pmatilai laiskiainen org> wrote:

> On Mon, 24 Apr 2006, Chris Lumens wrote:
> >> I can't think of one, and running
> >>
> >> /usr/share/system-config-kickstart/system-config-kickstart.py
> >>
> >> manually seems to work just fine (I saved my kickstart file without
> incident).
> >>
> >> Should I file a bug?
> >
> > It requires root because it uses pirut for the package selection screen,
> > and that requires root because it uses yum, which may need to update the
> > cache files in /var/cache/yum.  It's working as intended.
> Yum supports per-user private cache, that's what most yum-utils use for 
> non-root usage. Look for getCacheDir() usage in yum-utils how to make use 
> of it. 

Thanks.  I'm aiming to create a livecd generation tool, with heavy usage of
kickstart, and without requiring root priveleges, so the above will help me
mogrify sysconfig-kickstart into a gui for my tool, while maintaining the
safety of not becoming root.  If nobody gets around to it first, I'll try to
also submit a patch for sysconfig-kickstart, since it would be another tool
which would be nice to run as a user, without risking system corruption by
running it as root.



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