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Re: Fedora core suggestions

On Fri, 2006-04-21 at 10:42 -0400, Alo Tsum wrote:

> First suggestions has to do with the software side of things. We users
> need a competent software installer which is graphical based. One that
> functions much the same way that the windows installer works. This
> installer should track dependencies naturally and place icons on the
> desktop or give the option to have icons for the software just
> installed to be placed on the desktop of the user as well as in the
> applications menu.

I would like to see "Install Software" (what you get by right clicking
on an rpm file) patched to use yum localinstall rather than just rpm
directly - but other than that, right clicking on an application does
what should be done.

A properly packaged rpm will make the necessary menu entries.

>  Also when watching the Boston Linux conference the suggestion was
> made to offer a hard disc manager much like windows offers for
> formating and receiving hard drivers etc after installation. 

You can do that with System -> Administration -> Logical Volume
Management. If you don't intent to use a hard drive as part of an LVM,
then gparted (from Fedora Extras) is just a yum away.
> Firstly Redhat while promoting Linux among enthusiast is also in the
> business of making money. On that front I believe that they should not
> only attempt to evangelize Linux in the government, education, and
> corporate sectors; they should also attempt to get Linux in each and
> every home.

Time and a place for each marketing endeavor.
Think too big and you run out of money and accomplish nothing.

If an OEM can make money doing it, I'm sure Red Hat would be willing to
talk with them about bundling RHEL - or they can adapt Fedora (being
careful of the trademark issues) themselves without too much difficulty.

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