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Re: Xorg signal 11's spontaneously

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:


Adam Jackson wrote:
Install the debuginfo packages, ssh in from another machine, su, attach gdb to X, 'handle SIGPIPE nostop', and 'cont'. When the server segfaults, 'bt f' should now give you useful backtrace info.

I filed bug 6704 about this in the fdo bugzilla and there someone pointed me the appropriate wiki page for debugging the X server. Since I don't have a second machine nearby right now I'll try the single machine approach described in the wiki.

May also be related to a crasher recently fixed for x4a4 glyphs; I'll backpatch that into rawhide and stable shortly.

Is there a way to deliberately trigger that bug? I haven't found a way to trigger the crash I'm seeing but if the glyph bug would result in the same backtrace as above then we'd know if this is really the same problem. Right now I've set the NoTrapSignal option and enabled core dumping and now have to wait until X dies again.

Tracked down a testcase using the Xorg changelog but I get a different backtrace when triggering that bug so this seems to be a different problem. Unfortunately I also didn't get a core dump and I'm not sure why. I added the line DAEMON_COREFILE_LIMIT="unlimited" to /etc/sysconfig/init and changed the line in /etc/profile to "ulimit -S -c unlimited > /dev/null 2>&1" but after crashing X I now no longer get a backtrace in the Xorg.log (due to the NoTrapSignal option?) but I also don't see a core dump in the home directories. What else do I have to do to get a core dump I can feed to gdb?


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