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Re: Fedora core suggestions

Dnia 25-04-2006, wto o godzinie 13:23 +0000, Kevin Kofler napisał(a):
> Maybe that's just me, but even on my single-user system, I want my VFAT 
> partitions mounted at predictable, easy-to-remember locations (/c for C:, /d 
> for D:, /e for E: and /f for F:)
1. You can add any partition to fstab in almost any location you want
(you can't use /dev/null for example, but other than existing files,
you're really free to do what you want). Anaconda has a GUI for it and
it worked every time I tried.
2. It's hard or impossible to know which partition is Windows D: and
which is E:, because:
a) newer Windows versions allow you to change the drives letters on the
fly, you'd have to mount the boot partition (and know which one is
that), read some files from it (when the settings are stored),
understand their format and then remount partitions in appropriate
locations, that's hard I guess, and
b) if you have two Windows versions (i.e. 98 and XP), they can see the
drives with different letters, so which one is more important?

> some arbitrary /media/diskn locations 
> which aren't even consistent from boot to boot.
This is a real problem, but I remember discussions regarding it, so it
will get better and better with time.


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