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Re: Fedora core suggestions


b) if you have two Windows versions (i.e. 98 and XP), they can see the
drives with different letters, so which one is more important?

I suppose it doesn't matter so much what other OSs do, as being able to configure these partitions to reliably mount in a specific location.

I have seen something strange. On a notebook with SATA disk (/dev/sda), I have a PCMCIA Compact Flash adapter. When I plug in a CF, I find a new drive /dev/hda, but it never mounts automatically. The same CF plugged into a USB CF reader *will* mount automatically. On a different machine the main disk is /dev/hda and the CF over USB is /dev/sda. I'm concerned that this is an accident waiting to happen. If the GUI doesn't start auto-mounting these with an intuitive name then I'll continue to be at risk of umounting or mkfs the wrong device...


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