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Re: pup broken on mulitlib systems (was Re: yum + mulitarch + updates)

dragoran wrote:
dragoran wrote:
Ian Burrell schrieb:
On 4/1/06, dragoran <dragoran feuerpokemon de> wrote:
I have noticed that when I have package foo-1.0.i386 installed and some
other (x86_64) repo has foo-1.1.x86_64 yum updates foo and removes the
i386 one.
(livna mplayerplug-in was it here).
Updates should not be crossarch a i386 package should only be updated to
a i386 one (same for x86_64).
Any reason for doing this? Or is this a bug thats needs to be filled?

Can you give an actual example?

Also, did you change your /etc/yum.conf file?  There is a setting,
exactarch, which controls whether yum will upgrade to across
architectures.  The default is exactarch=1.  It is even more strict
than x86_64/i386; it won't upgrade between glibc.i386 and glibc.i686
for exampe.

 - Ian

no yum.conf is stock (checked)
here is the output of yum check-update
azureus.x86_64                  extras
ffmpeg.x86_64                            0.4.9-0.21.20051228.lv livna
gwget.x86_64                             0.97-3.fc5             extras
mplayerplug-in.x86_64                    3.21-1.lvn5            livna
xine-lib.x86_64                          1.1.1-5.lvn5           livna
xine-lib-devel.x86_64                    1.1.1-5.lvn5           livna
rpm -q mplayerplug-in
rpm -q mplayerplug-in --queryformat %{ARCH}
so this is a bug?

this happend again now:
pup tryes to update mplayer.i386 to mplayer.x86_64
while yum does not try to do this ...
why? does pup ignore exactarch=1 or what else does happen?

ok this was happening because of mencoder.x86_64 which was installed using nodeps...

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