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Re: ipw3945 packaging

Axel Thimm wrote :

> > Apart from either convincing the Fedora kernel packagers to patch
> > the current ieee80211 module in the rawhide kernels (not likely, but
> > could happen if one of them owns the hardware for instance) or
> > waiting for a recent enough version to go into the upstream kernel
> > sources, I think you're pretty much stuck. I've packaged the
> > firmware and daemon on freshrpms.net too, but decided that "you're
> > on your own" for the kernel modules part for now... not sure which
> > is worst between my approach and Axel's, though :-)
> What use is it w/o the kernel modules? It's like if you had packaged
> alsa-libs w/o packaging the kernel modules at RH9 time (or whenever
> the RH kernels didn't have alsa bits in them, RH9 is just a guess).

It gets users half the way, which is better than nothing.

> > The proper way to fix this issue is to get the ieee80211 modules updated
> > upstream anyway.

...and when that happens, with also the possible inclusion of the ipw3945
module, freshrpms.net will already be ready.


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