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AW: Still much more than 350 sockets needed!

> > Hello again,
> >  
> > we still need to know how to increase the maximum number of
> > possible open sockets per IP address! Here we got the problem
> > that no more than 350 sockets are possible. On another Linux
> > (based on LFS) it is no problem to open far more than 5.000
> > connections on the same way. So we know that it is possible.
> > So how can we break this limitation? Some kind of sysctl?
> > Kernel patch needed? Anything else?
> >  
> > It's urgent, so any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.
> >  
> > Thanks a lot!!!
> >  
> > regards,
> > H. Wiese
> > 
> My /proc/net/sockstat says that i have 541 used sockets on a standard 
> laptop???
> could you a simplified version of the code to create all these sockets

> the way you do it?
> That would allow perhaps more people to understand the problem/see for

> themselves.
> /Thomas

Please try to open that many tcp connections between two IPs and tell me
if it works! Finding out in which way our software opens the sockets 
would be enough work for two persons for at least two days. It's old
software we try to get running on a new system. Very (very very) old
sources! ;)

Some guy told me that maybe iptables is the cause of this problem. You 
think he's right? We have to verify that. May take a few days since the 
collegue responsible for this isn't in the office right now. Just that 
much about "it's urgent" (my team leader's definition). *laugh*

Thanks for your interest in this problem. I'll keep you up to date.


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