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Re: ipw3945 packaging

Axel Thimm <Axel.Thimm <at> ATrpms.net> writes:

> ATrpms just offers an *optional* set of packages that don't get
> automatically installed for those people having ipw3945 hardware and
> wanting to get it run under FC and RHEL. What exactly is not "well
> behaved"? As you noted yourself, if you want to run this hardware you
> will *need* to "replace" ieee80211 (which they are not ...). And did I
> mention it only happens on a voluntarily basis invoked by the user
> sitting in front of his keyboard?
> Please be careful with characterizations about "well behaved", it may
> turn out that the only thing not "well behavied" is the statement
> itself.</rant>

Apologies, no offense intended. By 'better behaved' I was referring to the
rpmforge approach of not "messing with files installed by kernel and
kernel-devel packages". Perhaps a poor choice of words.. ;/

I understand the necessity to update the iee80211 modules to make this work, and
 I do appreciate the packages you have created. I was simply inquiring whether
we could get these changes into the Fedora kernel to make life easier for


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