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Re: AW: Still much more than 350 sockets needed!

Dnia 26-04-2006, śro o godzinie 13:15 -0600, Lamont R. Peterson
> You had 1021 sockets.
Plus 3 other open descriptors (stdin, stdout, stderr), which make 1024.
As root you can type: limit descriptors 1048576 which is the hard limit
for root under FC5. But even as root I get the soft limit set to 1024
when I do su - by default. Maybe the discussion grandparent was running
a program which uses 3 open descriptors for every connection (separate
logfiles for every connection, probably? Separate "control" and "data"
connections, as in FTP?) and on another distro he was getting bigger
default soft limit for root?

Now my question. It's impossible to make 5000 connections as user under
Fedora. Can I change it? I thought it's controlled by #define OPEN_MAX
in kernel source (I guess it means files not file descriptors then), but
kernel-devel's limit.h has OPEN_MAX set to 256 and everyone here
confirms the limit is truly 1024, which is fs.h's INR_OPEN (and root's
hard limit is NR_OPEN). Does that mean the 1024 open connections are
kernel maximum changed only at compile time and there's no sysctl for


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