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Re: AW: Still much more than 350 sockets needed!

On Wednesday 26 April 2006 02:18pm, Leszek Matok wrote:
> Dnia 26-04-2006, śro o godzinie 13:15 -0600, Lamont R. Peterson
> napisał(a):
> > You had 1021 sockets.
> Plus 3 other open descriptors (stdin, stdout, stderr), which make 1024.

Yes, as I pointed out in the other email in this thread, which is why I didn't 
elaborate here.  Sorry for any confusion.

> As root you can type: limit descriptors 1048576 which is the hard limit
> for root under FC5.

Where do you put that?  There is no "limit" command and ulimit doesn't accept 
"descriptors" as a parameter.

> But even as root I get the soft limit set to 1024 
> when I do su - by default.

> Maybe the discussion grandparent was running 
> a program which uses 3 open descriptors for every connection (separate
> logfiles for every connection, probably? Separate "control" and "data"
> connections, as in FTP?) and on another distro he was getting bigger
> default soft limit for root?

Good theory (see my other post).  But I don't know the answer.

> Now my question. It's impossible to make 5000 connections as user under
> Fedora. Can I change it? I thought it's controlled by #define OPEN_MAX
> in kernel source (I guess it means files not file descriptors then), but
> kernel-devel's limit.h has OPEN_MAX set to 256 and everyone here
> confirms the limit is truly 1024, which is fs.h's INR_OPEN (and root's
> hard limit is NR_OPEN). Does that mean the 1024 open connections are
> kernel maximum changed only at compile time and there's no sysctl for
> it?

Ah, the $64,000 question.

So far, in just glancing through /proc/sys/, I didn't find a sysctl for it.  
Would be nice.  But from your paragraph, I wonder if it's actually fs.h that 
sets the "soft limit" to begin with.

I'd certainly like to know the answer, too.

BTW:  With 1GB RAM minimum on all my notebooks and workstations (and on a 
couple of my personal servers), it wouldn't bother me to increase that 
default to 5120 or 10240 even.  Of course, that change could require a much 
more in depth conversation.
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