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Re: AW: Still much more than 350 sockets needed!

On Wed, 2006-04-26 at 15:17 -0600, Lamont R. Peterson wrote:
> *       soft    nofile  1024
> *       hard    nofile  65535
> Of course, set values that make sense for the soft limit, since unprivileged 
> users can't change that.  On RHEL & FC, pam_limit.so is loaded 
> in /etc/pam.d/system-auth, so no modifications will be needed.

Why change the soft limit at all? Leave it be, and just do a ulimit -n
before starting the descriptor eating process. Also, * is probably
dangerous, put a specific username there. Or at least a group.

Azureus likes to eat file descriptors. (It seems to keep every file open
at all times on every active torrent. Ugh.) Its impossible to activate a
torrent with lots of small files unless you raise the limit. I raised my
hard limit in limits.conf, then I have a script that starts up Azureus
like this:

ulimit -n 16384
cd ~/azureus
JAVA_PROGRAM_DIR="/usr/lib/jvm/jre-1.5.0-sun/bin/" \
exec nice -1 ./azureus

Works nice. Note that greatly raising a users descriptor limit opens the
possibility of a user or two running into the *kernel* descriptor limit,
which IIRC is set at compile time. I imagine this could cause a nasty
DoS situation. I've never tried it so I dunno...

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