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Re: [NEW IDEA] Automatic removal of dependencies

On Thu, 2006-04-27 at 00:38 -0400, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> Automatic removal of dependancies can not be done without human review
> as to which of those packages are still locally needed, and I think
> its far more appropriate to expect users who want to clean up their
> system to do that review before items are removed than it is to
> automatically remove deps and expect users to review which items
> should be put back on the system to keep the functionality they
> expect.

Now we're just splitting hairs about what "automatic removal" means.

Yes, review is good. aptitude has a nice transaction preview screen,
giving you a chance to review everything its going to do, and won't
perform a transaction without showing it first.

> -jef"look on the side of the road, a dead horse! Let's go over there
> and beat it!"spaleta

*whap* *whap* *whap* *thunk*

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