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Re: firefox miniicon has extra black pixels

n0dalus <n0dalus+redhat gmail com> writes:

> On 4/26/06, Thomas M Steenholdt <tmus tmus dk> wrote:
>> Just looks like a different icon to me, which could be expected since
>> those are completely different distros released with a loong time
>> between them.
> The Firefox tarballs have the proper icon, but ever since December
> 2004 it's been being replaced in Fedora's source rpm. I think this
> could have been done to make the xpm more seperate, but they must have
> used a really ancient xpm to do it. Instead of bundling an xpm with
> the source rpm, the spec should be copying the xpm from the firefox
> official icon directory in the tarball.
> I'd say it's almost certainly a bug, and I suppose should be filed if
> it's not in bugzilla already.
> n0dalus.


There is something wrong with my bugzilla account. Do you mind
submitting the bug report?


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