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Re: How should i file this prelink hiccup?

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
prelink is not operating on firefox-bin

this seems to be because the libraries libmozjs.so and libxpcom.so are
not in the standard linking path. So when prelink goes to prelink
firefox-bin it gets confused and aborts.

Now this isnt a problem for normal firefox operation because the
firefox shell script redefines where libraries are being looked for.
But that shell trickery seems to be confusing the default prelinking. Don't we weant firefox-bin to be prelinked like other binaries? If
the answer is yes, how do we adjust things so the nightly prelink
script does its job on firefox-bin and mozilla-bin?
And how exactly do i file this issue in bugzilla?

I'd say file against firefox.

They *used* to have a hack/workaround for this in mozilla's (and firefox's?) rpm packaging to help prelink, and that was to use linker flags something like:

-- Rex

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