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Re: LVM not fit for Fedora Core

At 08:11 AM 12/22/2006, Gilboa Davara wrote:
On Fri, 2006-12-22 at 07:50 -0800, John Reiser wrote:
> Gilboa Davara wrote:
> > Use LVM.
> > Trust me.
> > You won't be sorry.
> I've been there, done that, and regretted it deeply.

I used LVM for a few years to double up hard drives (in stripes) to increase performance. I think it worked well that way, even though I don't exactly need that kind of performance most of the time. It was just a casual way of trying out new technologies.

I did stop using it after one of my hard drive started to fail and I plug both hard drives into another Fedora Core machine also configured with LVM, and I couldn't find a way to boot up that machine with both sets of LVM. IIRC, it complained about 2 logical partitions of the same names (collision), or something like that. With the extra LVM volume removed, I could boot; but with them plugged in, I couldn't boot (the otherwise healthy LVM volumes) at all.

Is there a solution for such situation? I admit that I never emailed this mailing list for help and perhaps didn't read up enough documentation, even though I read up a lot years before that.

I gave up using LVM, partly because after reading it up so much, I was still having troubles rescuing data on my failing hard drives. I think with improved tools, it need not be so difficult.

I'm having a lot of problems remembering just which partitions belong to which LVM volumes and which I can format to free some partitions out. Partition labelling support should be added to be practical. Or maybe I should not choose a potentially hard-to-remember partitioning scheme, but should use only one LVM per disk and not striped.

Hope I'm not choosing any side here. I'm just hoping the experience with LVM, especially when working at the partition level can be improved.

Daniel Yek

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