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Re: LVM not fit for default

yeah one of the few, the proud. I don't really see the need for desktop users, and would like to see some sort of intelligent feature in Anaconda to keep it of unless there would be an advantage, like in a server, and give the end users of such server the tools to adequately recover his system if/when it does fall through.

I'm not trying to make some sort of wave in the community or anything I'm just asking a reasonable request that I'm sure some of the top users of fedora core would enjoy to have in the iso's. It may not be a feature that will get much critical acclaim, but it is a feature that is desperately needed, and if I'm shooting my mouth off and there's now something that does the trick, let me know.


On 12/24/06, Joachim Frieben <jfrieben gmx de> wrote:
> First of all I have experienced the same "no help hell" with lvm when
> it crashes. (not if, when) I had FC3 installed on my Compaq R3000
> Series notebook, default settings, except for package options. Ran
> that for about three weeks. I reinstall testing out new distros quite
> a lot, so I don't worry about backing up the entire system, and
> something happened with the system, the kernel panicked  when it
> couldn't find a root FS. Same problem as andy.
> Basically All I'm trying to say is that yes it fails sometime, no it
> is a cool thing to have, but either give us some tools on default
> install/rescue disc to combat the issue, or take it out unless the
> system detects a RAID array.
> Thanks guys,
> Chris

Come on, "FC3" got released *three*years* ago, so it's not appropriate to make an argument out of this for discussing today's maturity of "LVM". Btw, I have been using "LVM" exclusively for 3 years now [exact, since I first installed "FC3"], and I have never ever had any trouble with it at all. Maybe you encountered a hardware problem?
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